Acoustic Panelwork

EVP Acoustic Panelwork

Envirosound offers a range of different options and build structures for acoustic enclosures, from complete modules to frames or individual doors.

Our EVP modular acoustic panelwork provides an ideal test cell structure. A skeletal support frame is built with EVP panels fitted to form a complete shell. This can be a single or multiple free standing structure or cantilevered from an internal wall. Being purpose designed to suit the application, allowances can be made for building or layout irregularities.

Complete enclosures or sectional modules can be factory built. Some of the advantages and features of modular units are:

  • A facility that allows for easy relocation and extension
  • A start up facility for initial trials
  • Fully weather proofed for external applications
  • Readily located outside on a simple hard standing to minimize site building work
  • Provides both acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Units can have mechanical and engineering services pre-fitted to minimise site work. This includes electrical controls, power, air conditioning and piped services
  • The facility can be fully operational and commissioned within a short site working period
  • Specialist plant can be mounted on the roof or in purpose designed plant room modules annexed to the facility



Pentepost Framework

Using an integral RHS skeletal support framework, acoustic enclosures can be built as supporting or load bearing structures. This is ideal for large span enclosures where support to roof mounted plant is required or integral lifting beams or crane rails are required.

This type of acoustic panelwork is normally site erected and then painted. To provide an overall quality finish, the finished units are ideally combined with white colour coat perforated internals.

Containerised Units

These units are built either using a modified ISO container or by fabricating a new system and provide full acoustic treatment.

Panelwork and Screens

EVP Acoustic Panelwork is designed to deliver an optimised noise reduction range from 25 to 45 dBA. A simple, modular build allows for flat pack delivery and very quick site build time. This solution is ideal for areas where loading or access is a problem.

All of these systems utilise our proven EVP 50/75/100 multi-layer panel construction. Having an internal minimum perforated facing of 0.7mm, layered acoustic wool infill of medium 45 to high 80kg/m³ density, optional sound stop cores and an outer casing of between one and three millimetres. Panel modules are made to measure to a maximum width of 1000mm and 2400/3000mm long.

The materials are non combustible and meet Class 1 spread of flame requirements. A fully constructed unit will provide 90 minutes integrity and stability in accordance with BS476 Part 22. It has been tested by the LPC under evaluation TE87367.

The panels are assembled using channel/ H & T joiner and roof capping sections.