Acoustic Wall Lining

EVP Acoustic Wall Lining

EVP Acoustic Wall Lining

EVP Acoustic Wall Lining provides a good quality decorative finish combined with noise absorption. This system is ideal to add acoustic treatments to existing areas or to provide an integral part of a new facility. For example, where high noise emissions from existing test cells occur, good results in noise reduction can be achieved by fitting EVP acoustic lining within the cell. Other uses are screen barriers to shield plant and equipment noise and factory dividers.

The slim line panels are simply clipped together with channel edge trims, providing a close fitting wall liner or suspended ceiling. Each application is purpose designed so if special joiners, cores, etc. are required these can be manufactured to suit your particular requirements.

Standard wall panels are available in white perforate powder-coat finish. Other finishes are standard industrial grade galvanized, colour coat and spray paint finishes. Trims normally match, but a contrast colour can be added to provide a framing effect.

If services need to be covered, the lining system can be spaced from the wall or ceiling surface and integral services trunking can be added with a wide surface fixed cover plate.

The standard module width for our EVP 270 perforated modular panels is 270mm and height can vary up to three metres.