Acoustic Built Solutions

Here are some examples of our full facility design and acoustic built solutions

On-Site Build Test Cell Project

Two large Generator Test Cells designed, built and installed in a new building, including:

  • EVS Ventilation
  • EVSI Silencers and Flue dilution
  • EVP Doors and Windows
  • EVL Acoustic Louvres
  • Electrical MCC and Controls
  • Completed on time and within budget

Simulation Suite Project

Design, build and installation of a Ship Bridge and Engine Room Simulation Suite.

  • EVP Panelwork, Doors, Windows, Ceiling lining and raised acoustic floor
  • Noise emissions to adjacent lecture facilities eliminated
  • Facility installed, extended and updated with new simulator fit out

Factory Build Test Cell Project

Design, build and installation of linked, modular test enclosures with a separate control room.

  • Factory built and assembled EVP containerised test cells and control room
  • Site installed on to a prepared hard standing
  • Operational within three weeks of delivery

Large Specialist Test Cell

Specialist Test Cell design and build project, encompassing:

  • Full acoustic structure
  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust
  • Water Cooling

Emission Test Cell

Completed Emission Test Cells with

  • Test equipment
  • Gas lines fitted













Rig Test Chamber

Built solution for a Rig Test Chamber, encompassing:

  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust dilution
  • Integral crane rails
  • MCC controls

Rolling Road Enclosure