Engine Aspiration

Engine Aspiration Air Units (CAS)

Engine Aspiration or air cooling/heating units are designed to provide low volume close temperature controlled air to a specific area or inlet. Envirosound has developed a range of air supply systems providing close limit control of air temperature and moisture content. These can be small package systems for combustion air up to larger units to provide for general vehicle environments in rolling roads.

The plant consists of an air handling unit which filters either fresh or factory air and cools / heats to provide stablised air at a pre-set temperature. Options of adding EVS Silencers, remote control panels and variable temperature settings are available.

Our CAS systems meet client´s requirements for emissions and development testing, where variables of air temperature and humidity need close control to avoid unnecessary calculation corrections being made. If there is a need to push the boundaries of temperature and humidity control, the systems can be upgraded with higher capacity modules.

All systems are developed against the requirements of our client´s specific application. However, the following lists the possible variables:

  • Temperature ranges 20°c to 50°c
  • Control @15-50°c +/- 1°c
  • Humidity @ 20-30°c 30-60% RH +/- 5% RH
  • Air volumes 0.3 to 6.0 m³/sec

With all installations, it is important to ensure that the structures fit with the main area layouts.