Acoustic Design Consultancy Services

Envirosound can provide Acoustic Design Consultancy for:

  • Acoustically Treated Test Cells
  • Test Facility Ventilation and Services Schemes
  • Site noise test and reporting
  • Acoustic treatments for new build schemes
  • Acoustic Solutions for plant and services with high noise emissions

We can develop a project design either from a fully detailed specification or an outline requirement. This will normally include:

  • Detailed site survey
  • Design calculations, analysis and evaluations
  • Full design scheme layout
  • Any recommended modifications or amendments
  • Scheme approval drawing
  • Service interface diagrams, drawings and schedules
  • Project programme

Our project design package is tailored to suit both the contract and the client´s requirements and can include any combination of the elements listed above. We never lose sight of providing the ideal solution for our clients at the optimum cost.